Simple Things On How To Avoid The Friend Zone

There are a lot of different ways that you can attract and date women. You can avoid getting into the friend zone by focusing on a variety of different elements overall. If your goal is to learn how to avoid the friend zone, then you will need to focus on several simple tips that work. The following will help you gain the upper hand in any situation. If you are going to actually get women to leave you outside of the friend zone, then here you go, the best thing that you can do to get moving forward when you’re learning how to avoid the friend zone.

Do Not Act Like Her Other Friends

You need to be able to be her friend, but not in the same way that other friends are. You need to separate the relationship that you have in a certain manner. Talk to her about her dreams, where she wants to go, where she wants to visit, and things along those lines. Now, when you’re discussing things with her, drop hints about going to places together, and perhaps explore being more than friends. Sometimes, just dropping hints will get her thinking, and eventually will help you gain the goal of existing the friend zone. You cannot learn how to avoid the friend zone, if you act like her other friends.

Touch Her In Subtle Ways

Give her attention as more than a friend. Reach for her hand when things are a bit dangerous, open doors for her, and be affectionate lightly. You want to make sure that she feels your touch, when it feels natural. The best way to do this, is to make sure that you are attentive to being a gentleman at all times. You don’t want to overdo this, or even overthink it. If you overthink this, you’ll seem desperate and you’ll go the wrong way. Touch her as a gentleman, looking to help her with simple things, and she’ll pick up on it as you commence learning how to avoid the friend zone.

Ask Her Out (Just Do It)

After you have been friends for a short span, the next thing is simple, ask her out. That’s right, you need to ask her out. Making sure that ask her out will clearly define what you want, and what women will want overall. You will not be able to go forward without this. You need to make sure that you ask her out and make sure to say that it’d be a date, not just as friends. Then woo her with this preliminary step forward in learning how to avoid the friend zone.

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The Secrets of How To Talk To Girls On Facebook

Facebook has billions of people on it. If you have ever run into profiles of girls that you wanted to talk to, but didn’t, you’re not alone. Millions of men see amazing, beautiful women, and get lost in the shuffle. Don’t worry, there are a few things that you can do to talk to them and even move forward. If you want to learn how to talk to girls on Facebook, you just need to know a few secrets. These secrets will help you out.

Befriending Women

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are looking at a real woman and not a bot. There are a lot of bots on the social media site right now. So many that you may get trapped into a spam box. You don’t want to befriend others that are bots. So double check to see if they are in fact real. Once you befriend them, make sure that you comment, like, and share their posts. This is the first thing that you need to do. If you do not do this, you will come across as a real stranger. You don’t want to be a lurker, but rather be a part of the social aspect of the site. Figuring out how to talk to girls on Facebook is not complex, you just have to be social.

Say Hello From Time To Time

One of the best things that you can do when you’re trying to work on learning how to talk to girls on Facebook is to make sure that you say hello. Say hi, and just be honest, and sanguine. Say that you really think that they have great posts and pictures. Tell them that they seem like a cool, unique individual, and that you’d be interested in chatting sometime. If they don’t want to, they will tell you. Most often, you’ll find that if you’re commenting, liking, and being friendly with their profile, they’ll be open to talking. Focusing on how to talk to girls on Facebook is not tough, if you know the secrets.

Don’t Push The Issue

Here’s the ultimate secret, and it’s going to be tough when trying to figure out how to talk to girls on Facebook, don’t push them. If they don’t want to talk, if they don’t respond right away, or you just can’t seem to get more than a hello from them, move on. There are billions of people on Facebook, don’t focus on just one person. Over time, if you’re nice, and friendly, you’ll be chatting up girls left and right on Facebook. Just be patient overall.

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10 Don’t and Dos in Your First Relationship


For everybody, the first relationship he or she enters into becomes memorable for many reasons. People either tend to believe totally their partners or keep some room for managing the relationships. Like everybody else, they tend to overestimate or underestimate the relation as they are new to this realm of experience. Hence, the first relationships offer huge learning experience for those who wanted to learn from them. This is the time people learn about the ways to deal with all those crazy emotional relationships that they come across. Moreover, the mistakes are pardonable during the early times of relationship building. In such a scenario, the mistakes inevitably come into the judgement people make about others. The more people go out to figure out the ways, the better they become at handling relations. In this article, we would be listing out 10 mistakes that people will make in their first relationships. These mistakes inevitably come when they expand their horizon of knowledge in the society.

Dos and Don’ts

1. You will ditch your friends for him or her thinking that others don’t matter to you when compared to him or her.
2. You will compare your relationship with other relationships you know off. This is what people call as peer pressure.
3. You will give up things for him or her and give your own likes and dislikes least priority.
4. Due to the blind love, you will ignore warning signs that your partner sucks at times without any obvious reason.
5. You will not say what you want sexually due to the fear of getting castrated by your partner.
6. You will over-share on social media about what you think about your partner. This might put some strain in the relationship.
7. Without being invited to do so, you will look at the texts or messages that your partner has received, generating a sense of mistrust in the relationship.
8. Being totally devoted to the love, you will not listen to anyone’s advice, even from your parents. Normally, parents and friends advice you to give some room for the partner to speak the mind out.
9. You will tell your friends every little detail about everything you have come to understand about your partner. This would become an advantage for those who want to fish from troubled waters.
10. You will say that you love your partner too soon without giving proper thought about the repercussions the revelation would bring.

Relationships are very important in the lives of people. We need to slowly cultivate them. This applies for dating as well.

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How To Attract Younger Women The Easy Way

Sometimes women of a certain age aren’t what attract some men. Some want younger women, for a variety of different reasons. If you’re one of those people that want to date younger, you’re going to need to take on some tips that are going to help you move forward. Not everything is so simple when you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if your goal is to get with a girl that is years below yours, then the following is going to show you how to attract younger women.

Get A Nicer Car

If you’re not driving a nice car, you’re doing everything wrong. If you’re older, you need to have a car that speaks to the rebel in you, and yet is more expensive than the average person’s car. You have two choices here. You could either go modern with something off the lot that is absolutely expensive, or you could go old school. These women will absolutely be astonished if you’re driving a classic hot rod, or muscle car. This is especially true for younger girls getting into rockabilly. Focusing on how to attract younger women is not tough, you just need to start changing things up.

Visit Areas Where Younger Women Are

Here’s something that most men don’t realize, many young women are lurking at museums, events, and more. You have to lower what you think is fun to match up with a younger audience. Don’t want to go to the 420 Fest? Tough. Don’t want to go the hip hop showcase? Tough. You’re going to have to go to these areas and show up like you know what is going on. Don’t just show up wearing “dad” jeans, spruce up your look, and make sure that you are focused on showing up to areas that you will find younger women at. Where you are will dictate how to attract younger women.

Wear Youthful Cologne

Cologne makes these women go nuts, if you can match up the right scents. Look into what’s selling well, and see what women love the most. Don’t wear something that shows your age, go younger. If you can get this done, you’ll find that women will remember you, and will be attracted to you. You have to realize that younger women are looking for money, and confidence. If you have those, you’re a shoe in to date younger. If you don’t have those things, then you’ll need to fake it until you make it, and make sure that you are smooth. This takes time, but you can do it. All you have to do is make sure that you intrigue younger women as you learn how to attract younger women. It takes time, but you can do it.


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Learning How To Attract Shy Girls

Not every girl is going to be outgoing. Many of them are going to be introverted, shy, and will not know what to do when asked out sometimes. If you fall for one, you are going to have to make the first move, you’ll have to show them you’re safe, and this is going to be a lot harder than other options. If you are serious about learning how to attract shy girls, then you need to focus on slowing down your push forward. These girls aren’t going to give you the time of day at first, so you’ll need to focus on breaking their shell, so take these tips to heart.

Find Out What They Like

Before you can ever even ask a shy girl out, you need to know what they like. You need to learn about books, movies, and other things that they are passionate about. Sometimes you are going to have to just involve yourself in interests that are specifically their own. If you can do that, you will have an opening to talk to them with. For instance, many enjoy young adult novels, which means you may have to read one, or two. If not, then you’ll need to show interest and perhaps ask them what they recommend. Then get them talking. If you can do that, they’ll start to open a little. Keep an open mind when figuring out how to attract shy girls.

Make A Point To Ask Bigger Questions

When you’re approaching the topic of how to attract shy girls, you need to look at asking questions. You have to speak to girls of this nature with open ended questions. Don’t just ask how their day was. Ask something about them, compliment them, and get them to open up. People think that this is hard, but it’s not. Most shy people will open up if you ask them a string of questions and try to get to know them. They’ll catch on eventually, and you’ll be in the zone in no time learning how to attract shy girls.

Go To Places Where Shy Girls Are

What are people that are shy into? Chances are you’ll find out if you investigate a little. Your city has a lot of different areas where people of this nature congregate. Sometimes it’s as simple as a comic book store, sometimes it’s a library, sometimes it’s college campuses, you have to find them. If you do a little digging, you will no doubt eventually find them and will be able to attract them with relative ease.

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How To Get Girls With Modern Techniques

There’s a lot of lonely people out there. Many of them aren’t sure how to get any dates. If you’re one of the many individuals wondering how to get girls, then you’re not alone in that. There are a lot of people wishing that they knew the secrets of the guys that are getting a lot of dates. Here’s the thing, there’s no secret. In fact, you’re going to find that you just need to know how to navigate a few simple steps to getting with girls. You have to be ready though, because if you’re not, they’ll know and you will get turned down all the time and never get a date. With that in mind, consider the following options.

Going Online

Let’s say that you join up with the rest of the online world and you try this out. There are a few things that you need to remember. The first major thing is simple, ask a friend to take pictures of you for a portrait, then take pictures of yourself at new places, museums, and more. After that, you will want to fill out your profile correctly, and give a few interesting details. Be specific. Don’t just post that you like movies. Talk about what type of movies, favorites, etc. Oh, and one last tip in how to get girls, pay for the subscription to a legitimate dating site. That shows you’re serious.

Go To Single Events

Every major city has single’s nights. Go to them. Dress up a little, wear cologne, and get ready to be talkative. Ask questions, talk about your loves, your dislikes, and how you’ve discovered something new. Ask people what they are into, what they love, and just get people talking. Going to these areas will give you an opportunity to meet new people, and will help you learn how to get girls.

Make Sure You’re Out And About

You are not going to get girls while sitting on your couch. You need to be out and about at events. Look for free concerts, art openings, and places where a lot of people are going to be at. That’s going to help you solve one of the major problems that most have, and it’s finding single people. You just have to be friendly, smile, ask questions, and you’ll find that you’re going to run into possible dates. Many times, you’ll end up talking with someone that has a partner, but they’ll introduce you to someone, and you’ll have a date. Networking is the easiest way to learn how to get girls, if you are out and about. Just get off the couch.

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3 Steps For Approaching Confident Women

Here is something that most don’t understand, how to succeed at approaching confident women. Most men just don’t do it, and end up losing out on something grand. If your goal is to get with a female of this caliber, you’re going to have to fight your anxieties and seriously take on a new world. Now, before you take on the tips below, you will need to learn how to brush off rejection. Confident women will reject you outright. They will make you feel terrible too, so don’t panic. If you can withstand a “no”, then you’re going to get far here. If you aren’t good with rejection, then you have a long way to go.

Start Working On Questions

Look up questions and one liners to say to women. Seriously, look them up and pick out 10 that you are going to memorize. This is going to help you greatly. Learn them by speaking into a mirror and practicing with friends. Make sure that you are confident when you say them, and don’t laugh, break down, or try to fix them. Just say them with certainty. If you can do this, you will be head and shoulders above most men. Once you work these out and can say them with ease, it’s time to test your options approaching confident women.

Head To A Bar and Test Your Questions

Go to a local bar and start hitting on women. This is going to be a bit shaky at first, but you are practicing for bigger game as it were. You will need to be confident in approaching women, and talking to them outright. Getting them to talk is key, and if you want more, get them to go out with your home with you. This is up to you. Take notes the next day as to what work, what didn’t work, and what you can do to improve approaching confident women.

Test Your Luck With Confident Women

Once you have a few notes about what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to go for the big leagues. When you see a confident woman, go straight up to her with your best lines, and ask her out. If she scoffs or says no, then simply thank her and don’t think anything of it. Don’t let it shake you. Keep going and take notes. Then try again. Keep going until someone says yes, because it will happen. This will only happen if you keep pushing and improving. If you cannot gain a sense of assurance when you’re approaching any woman, you will not tackle confident ones that’s for certain.


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Tips For Figuring Out How To Seduce Women

You see it all the time in movies and read it in books, a confident man seduces a younger or older woman with ease. How do they do it? Is it all fiction? The truth of the matter is that you can learn how to seduce women with relative ease. All you have to do is make sure that you are looking into the right options overall. There is a trick to this solution, and it starts with figuring out what you want. Do you want to seduce a lot of women? Or do you want just one? Whatever the case is, make sure that you take a look at a few tips and tricks below to help you along the way.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

Learn to stand up straight. Dress nicely, and wear cologne. Make sure that you are not looking sloppy, and make sure that you always smell nice. Even if inside, you are not sure what you’re doing, and you are somewhat panicked, don’t let anyone know that. You have to be able to command attention, and focus on moving forward with anything that you’re doing. This takes time, but you can go this route if you just practice, and continually remind yourself of your own personal greatness. This is a major key to learning how to seduce women.

Buy Flowers For Women

Want to really get their attention? Buy them flowers. Seriously, buy a woman a bouquet of flowers and they’ll have you on their mind all day. The goal here is to get their attention so that they know you’re thinking of them, and are a gentleman. In the note card, put your name and then ask a question. Something simple goes a long way, like, “will you go on a date with me?”. Be prepared to show them the time of their lives, so think outside of the box. They don’t want to go, they’ll let you know, so don’t worry. Flowers work most of the time, so test it out and see what happens. Buying flowers can at least show you whether or not you’re learning how to seduce women.

Don’t Rush Sex

For those that are struggling to learn how to seduce women, you should slow down. Even if you’re kissing and things seem to be moving forward, pause things. Use your self-control and avoid having sex too soon. Make them want it more, and just give them a little taste here and there. Eventually they will pounce, and you’ll have them seduced with ease. In these modern times, someone that waits to have sex is rare especially when there’s mutual attraction. Pull it in a little, and you’ll get them wanting you more than ever.


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Meeting Girls In Shopping Malls Made Easier

Millions of people will go to a mall today. Among them will be single ladies. If your goal is to get more dates, then you have better get to the mall. Now, there are different times of day that you should go there. If you’re older than 18, don’t go after school, try to go during school hours, and try to make sure that you’re not going into shops and areas that are frequented by teenagers. That’s going to be a tough one for you. For others, this is fine, but if you’re over 18, be careful when trying to learn about meeting girls in shopping malls.

Find Similar Interests

You want to visit stores where women go, but that aren’t necessarily sexy. For instance, you don’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret and hang out. But you could go to a place like Hot Topic, which may have women that are into pop culture. Of course, there are other stores, but that’s just a quick example. Look for stores that have clothing for men and women, and try to keep an eye out for those that are shopping alone. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of stores where you can work on meeting girls in shopping malls.

Get Their Phone Number

When you see a woman that is shopping alone, just approach her. Say hello, and compliment them quickly. If they are approachable and smile back, ask for their phone number. Chances are they will either say yes or no. If they say no, wish them well and go away. If they say yes, then simply ask when a good time to call is, and leave. You don’t want a long conversation here, you simply want to get in and get out. Later on, depending on what they tell you about a good time, call them.

Get Coffee

The sure fire way that you’re going to need to consider when meeting girls in shopping malls is simple, they usually visit a coffee shop. Whether it’s for tea or mixed drinks, women love going to these locations. That’s where you can hang out and end up meeting someone. Ask to buy someone a drink, or better yet, get in line ahead of them and buy their drink outright. You’ll find that a great conversation starter can be simply buying someone a drink. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can work, assuming that the person is single.

Meeting girls in shopping malls is not hard. It’s just a matter of going out and being bold. The rewards of being bold are going to shine on you if you just ask. Don’t be scared, don’t be nervous, simply ask women out at the mall. Someone’s bound to say yes.


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Smart Dating Tips

The rules of modern dating have turned complicated because the role of both the genders is blurred. Any person can ask another out, both are clueless as to who will pay the bill or is the date a date truly or merely a hook up. Relax, below are some smart dating tips that will help a woman to meet the right man as well as make meaningful connections. These are as follows:

• Stop dating for sometime- if you are not enjoying the process of dating, avoid forcing yourself to date. It is best in returning to the right mind frame, opening your heart and lightening your load. Releasing negative energy and working through will help in preparing you for a finer dating experience.

• Control the dating destiny- receiving dismal results occurs when you allow your dating life in happening to you. Rather than letting dating to control you, always do things which are within your control which in simple terms mean to develop and stick to the dating strategy.

• Embrace the single status- especially if you hate to be single it is quite likely that you may become too desperate and eager that scares men away. The need of the hour is in embracing and enjoying the single status in order to learn the needed lessons to move ahead and make the love that you desire.

• Do not compare with others- prevent comparing yourself with other women. The truth is you are actually on your respective path, in love and life and this path is based resting on your experiences, things you require learning and ways to grow. Replace the temptation of comparing yourself to others by believing the fact that all that happens is for your good.

• Do not be yourself- for instance, if being yourself has not helped you in capturing a man’s heart, try in acting as a person you desire to attract. For best results determine the traits and qualities that you would wish in your man and likewise work on embodying it within yourself.

• Set both the pace and also the standards- to set the pace and also the standards indeed will help in bringing forth the right man for you. In fact, this method will increase the chances to turn your date to a promising relationship.

• Be selective- You are certainly a prize, so rather than going out with any man that asks you out, try at being selective. Date only those men who in the right sense deserve to be with you. To be selective will help to reinforce positive feelings and offer you with an even better dating experience.

• Cut the ties early on- for instance, if you are on the lookout for a serious and long-term commitment while the man admits that he is not into something serious, then believe him. On the contrary, if you continue with the relation hoping against hope that his mind will change, then you will only regret later on of having wasted your precious time on him. The idea is to walk away.

The bottom line is, put these tips and strategies into practice and see how it keeps you feeling re-energized and empowered about dating. All the best!

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